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I decided my blog needed a redesign for 2014. What do you guys think? Do you like it? :)

I like simple, clean design and I think that was achieved! There’s a few more things I’m going to adjust and play around with, but nothing major.

In other news, I’m finishing up a package similar to my “Open For Business” package – but focusing more on the online aspect of setting up your boutique. I’ll be starting the online package in April with limited spaces available, so please sign up early! :) Look out for that post with package information and pricing this upcoming week.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! <3

ATS Vegas

A few weeks ago I was able to attend WWDMAGIC as well as Accessories The Show (ATS). I stayed at the Palazzo, which I love (you can get a pretty good rate if you’re attending a show there) and it’s a short walk to the Sands Expo Center where ATS was being held.

Originally, I was only going to attend ATS because I wanted to find some new jewelry and handbag vendors and having never attended ATS before, I thought it would be my best bet to find accessories. After all, it’s name said it all – or so I thought. :) On a whim, I also decided to register for MAGIC as well figuring if I had time I would swing by and check it out since it had been some years since I had attended. I was only going to be in Vegas for two days, so I had to use my time wisely.

The first day, I met up with a girl friend who was also in Vegas for a show and we set off to attend ATS and… what a disappointment it was! For being called Accessories The Show, there sure weren’t many vendors and of the vendors that were there, they all seemed to offer very similar products. That same day we also stopped by to check out Capsule, Liberty, and Agenda. Although, there was not much at those shows really for my boutique customer, it was still fun to check it out.

capsule, Agenda, Liberty

The next day I headed over to check out MAGIC on my own and am so happy I did. The accessories section at MAGIC by far exceeded the accessories at ATS. I found so many new, great vendors that it really got me excited to put in some orders! All in all, I’m glad I made the trip – I met some great new people and found some new accessories vendors and accomplished what I set out to do. :)









Did you attend WWDMAGIC or any other of the shows? What did you think?



Guess what… It’s trade show season!

That means it’s time to get out there and buy for the upcoming season for your boutique. This is by far the best way to find product for your boutique and well worth the trip!

You still have time to sign up and make travel arrangements. Here is what you can find in Las Vegas for trade shows for February, 2014:

(Capsule) Las Vegas
from February 17 to February 19 2014

Capsule is the fashion and lifestyle trade event that fuses the best high-end, progressive brands and directional, independent designers.

The Venetian
3355 Las Vegas Blvd – 5th fl Ballroom
NV 89169 Las Vegas

Accessories The Show Las Vegas
from February 17 to February 19 2014

The world’s largest and longest running juried all-accessories trade event. Showcases fashion resources from virtually every accessory product category.

The Venetian Resort Hotel
3355 Las Vegas Blvd. South
89109 NV Las Vegas

from February 18 to February 20 2014

An eclectic group of premium women’s ready-to-wear, accessories.

Mandalay Bay Expo Center
3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South
89119 NV Las Vegas

MRket Las Vegas
from February 17 to February 19 2014

The exclusive show for the menswear industry – a global fashion trade show for discerning
menswear brands. Representing the best in classic and contemporary clothing, sportswear, footwear, accessories and outerwear from the US and abroad.

The Venetian Resort Hotel
3355 Las Vegas Blvd S
NV 89109 Las Vegas

from February 17 to February 19 2014


Sands Expo at Venetian Palazzo
201 Sands Avenue
NV 89169 Las Vegas

Project Las Vegas / The Tents @ Project

from February 18 to February 20 2014

PROJECT is the industry’s premier contemporary fashion forum, showcasing men’s and women’s advanced contemporary, premium denim and designer collections. Curated under creative director Tommy Fazio, PROJECT delivers a series of lifestyle destinations in a single location—each merchandised to create an environment of exploration and commerce.

Mandalay Bay Convention Center
3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South
NV 89109 Las Vegas

from February 17 to February 19 2014

A focused and refined trade event merchandized with the right mix of contemporary,
sportswear, lifestyle, and international brands. Features carefully juried fashion resources
ranging in apparel from all RTW categories.

The Venetian Resort Hotel
3355 Las Vegas Blvd S
NV 89109 Las Vegas

from February 18 to February 20 2014

In collaboration with the world’s most authoritative fashion publication, WWDMAGIC provides the broadest selection of women’s apparel and accessories across every category, classification and trend. As the centerpiece of MAGIC MARKET WEEK, WWDMAGIC is the industry powerhouse for driving commerce, cultivating discovery and creating connections within the womenswear market.

Las Vegas Convention Center
3150 Paradise Road
NV 89109 Las Vegas



I also wanted to launch my newest venture – “PROJECT BOUTIQUE” while in Las Vegas.

“PROJECT BOUTIQUE” will be a group for anyone wanting to open a boutique or who already has opened their boutique. I wanted to create this “project” in hopes that like-minded people with the same goals could come together and exchange ideas and information.

While I am working to create a new member’s website, I thought that it would be great if anyone is going to be in Las Vegas for any of the above trade shows – we could have our first “meet up”.

Please e-mail me at raquel (at) technical-designer.com if you will be in Las Vegas during this time and would be interested in meeting up!

Cheers & Happy Buying!!




New Year 2014


Happy New Year everyone! I hope your year is already off to a great start!

With a new year comes new goals and resolutions. How can we avoid procrastination and get started on and accomplish our goals in 2014?

I’ve put together 8 tips for you that have helped me to avoid procrastination.

1) Stay Organized.

For whatever reason, I don’t feel like I can get anything done unless everything is organized. Whether it’s my house, my car, my notes – when everything is clean and organized I feel so much better. It clears my mind and I feel like I can get started with a clean slate. I’m much more productive working in a clean and organized environment. Make sure to choose a work area that is organized and where you can stay inspired.

2) Keep To-Do Lists.

I LOVE “to-do” lists. I especially love the part of crossing of items on my “to-do” list. It helps me to create a daily list every morning for anything I need to get done that day – work and personal. I also like to make the list according to priority and list first the items that I want to do least – which leads me to my next point…

3) Tackle your least desired task first.

The dreaded items on my list I like to get out of the way first. That way I’m not thinking about it all day long and procrastinating until the last possible moment. I’ve found that it’s easier to just do it and be done with it. There’s nothing worse than fretting over something that you can knock out at the beginning of the day so the rest of your day is more enjoyable.

4) Stop second guessing yourself and just do it!

I have to admit that I second guess myself a lot. And sometimes the answer is to just do it and stop over analyzing everything. Chances are is that your gut instinct will lead you in the right direction and everything will turn out just fine. I can’t even count how many hours I have wasted doubting myself when in reality if I would have just done it to begin with I would be finished and have great results!

5) Avoid distractions.

It can be so easy to get distracted these days. Between smart phones, the internet, tv, and so on, it’s no wonder that we can’t get anything done! For me to stay focused, I like to put my phone away in my purse or put it in the next room so I’m not tempted to check out the latest on my Facebook and Instagram feeds. If I’m doing work on the computer, I don’t allow myself to open up my internet browser until I’m done with my task or need a break. Often times I open up my browser in the morning to only “read a few news articles” on CNN and the next thing I know it’s two hours later and I’m watching a You-Tube video of a newborn puppy learning to bark. It’s so easy to get distracted on the internet and the endless entertainment there is – so stay away until your work is done!

6) Give yourself rewards for finishing projects.

This is my favorite tip :) . I love saying to myself – “Ok, Raquel, if you get this project done, you can go surfing this afternoon.” It’s good to give yourself motivation and a reason to get your work done as early as possible. I can guarantee I’d much rather be at the beach than at my desk on the computer! Any kind of reward will work. Sometimes my reward for getting something done is allowing myself to read celebrity gossip for the next hour. :)

7) Create deadlines for yourself.

Make sure to give yourself a deadline. Using a planner or putting reminders in your phone will help you to stay on schedule and ultimately complete your tasks.

8) Be vocal about your goals to others.

When we tell others about our long term goals, it helps hold us accountable for our actions to get things accomplished. The next time you talk to that person, they’ll ask you how it’s going and what progress that you’ve made. And you definitely don’t want your answer to be… “Uh… well, I haven’t really started that yet!” :)

I hope these tips help you out and you accomplish all of your goals and dreams for 2014! Here’s to a fabulous year!


Lately I’ve been doing a lot of testing with my online boutique.

In order for me to increase sales – I need to increase traffic to my site. (Duh, right?)

As I test different things with my online boutique – I want to share with you what works and what doesn’t work for me.

For starters, I don’t rely heavily on google keyword searches just because there is so much competition out there that, say for example someone searches for “Faux Leather Leggings” – hundreds of other websites are going to pop up in google before mine. I feel like keyword search is going to be something that I focus on later down the road once I establish myself a bit more.

At Little L.A., I offer those trendy, “in the moment” type pieces. I like finding what is trending right now by looking at Pinterest and seeing what types of colors, fashion, moods, etc. that people are in to at the moment. So, when I am getting ready to buy, I am able notice these trends in the clothes or accessories and purchase items that are in line with those trends.

While I was uploading some “New Arrivals” on Facebook, I saw an advertisement for Keep.com and it piqued my interest. I checked it out and saw it was similar to Pinterest and Wanelo.com and I decided to “keep” (or pin) all of my product from my online boutique.

What happened from there got me truly excited! As I was monitoring the stats for my boutique that week – my visitors went up by 228% and the orders started rolling in daily!  To say that I was happy was an understatement. :)

Those type of moments give me the confidence to know that I am choosing the right product for my customer and if I can get my product in front of my target customer then the sales will happen!

In the online world, I think that is really important to stay on top of what’s happening and what is coming next. So, when I see a new website that I can load my product to, I jump on it. I think that there is a huge growing trend for “social” online shopping and I’m really excited to see the direction that it takes in the coming years.

If you still haven’t started your online boutique yet, I would highly recommend signing up with Shopify. They have their “Build-A-Business” competition going on right now which means it’s a great time for you to start and get in on the competition. A $50,000 incentive isn’t bad either!

Have you found any great “social” shopping sites lately?


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